Baghdad Understands Russian Citizens' Evacuation from Iraq

Baghdad understands the evacuation of Russian citizens from Iraq, said Iraq's ambassador to Russia Abbas Khalaf.

If Russia evacuates its citizens from Iraq, "it does not mean that there is no Russian colony in Iraq", he said. "Why leave children and women in the country, when, Lord forbid, a war may break out soon," the Iraqi diplomat said, when speaking at a press conference in Moscow on Friday.

At the same time, he pointed out that approximately 1,000 Russian experts continued working at the construction site of a thermal power plant 20 km away from Baghdad.

The number of Russians working in Iraq demonstrates "the importance of co-operation between Russia and Iraq even in the current conditions of the blockade and sanctions against Iraq," the ambassador believes. It testifies once again that "our countries preserve large-scale economic relations despite all difficulties", Abbas Khalaf emphasised.