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Interior Ministry Officers Discover Large Cache with Arms and Ammo in Urus-Martan

Interior Ministry officers have discovered large militants' cache with arms and ammunition in the district center of Urus-Martan. The Russian Interior Ministry reported on Monday that 3 Kalashnikov assault rifles, 2 hand grenades, one shot for a grenade launcher, a large batch of rounds, 50 grams of plastic explosives and electric detonators for the explosives were confiscated from the cache discovered in a deserted house.

On the whole, during operative and manhunt activities in North Caucasian territory for the past 24 hours, 7 grenade launchers, 8 Kalashnikov assault rifles, 22 mines, 191 shots for a grenade launcher, and 5 hand grenades were confiscated. Four mini oil refineries and two home-made explosive devices were eliminated.