Iraq Hopes Hans Blix And Mohamed Elbaradei Will Prove to Be Worthy of "Historic Responsibility"

Iraq hopes Hans Blix and Mohamed ElBaradei will prove to be worthy of "historic responsibility" with which they have been entrusted, says the editorial in the Friday issue of the newspaper Al-Saura, the organ of the ruling party Baath in Iraq.

On the day when the heads of the UNMOVIC and the IAEA will present their reports in the UN Security Council, the newspaper says, Baghdad expects that they will be "honest, professional and objective," and that they will be able to withstand the pressure on the part of the United States.

Iraq, underscores the newspaper, fully co-operates with the UNMOVIC and IAEA commissions and has opened all doors to the inspectors. It is prepared to shed light on any vagueness and to answer any question.

In order to save the region and the world from the threat of war, for the sake of stability and security in the world, says Al-Saura, Baghdad is ready for more intensive co-operation with the United Nations.

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