Russia demands to stop activity of Chechen rebel's office in Georgia

The Russian party has demanded to take measures aimed at abolishing theillegal activity of "Ichkeriya's office", which is believed to financeChechen gunmen, to organize weapon and ammunition supplies, to recruitmercenaries, to organize medical attention for injured gunmen and theirdelivery to the third countries, the information and press department ofthe Russian Foreign Ministry reported citing the note of the Ministry thathad been sent to Georgian authorities.The Ministry points out that Georgian mass media sources, citing AkhmedZakayev, Deputy Prime Minister of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeriya,published information, according to which contacts between Georgianauthorities and Chechen leader Aslan Maskhadov have never been stopped andsuch contacts are made through "Ichkeriay's office" in Tbilisi. The Russianparty requested explanations in this case from the Georgian party, takinginto account the fact that Maskhadov was included on the federal andinternational wanted lists for crimes committed in the Russian Federation..