Seven Chechen terrorists identified

Georgia's state security ministry has identified seven armed Chechens who were arrested when trying to return to their bases in Georgia from the territory of Russia after a rout of Chechen terrorist gangs.

These are Khamzat Molidovich Isayev, Ruslan Isayevich Tilsayev, Rizvan Vakhidovich Visitov, Khusein Khamidovich Khadjiev, Kheizur Ayupovich Geisarov, Khusein Muheidovich Abiyev and Abdukhan Akhmedovich Shamayev, all under 30 years of age.

Six wounded militants have been hospitalised in Tbilisi while one has been placed at a detention cell. Four of the six injured have virtually recovered, according to the Georgian health ministry.

Georgian frontier guards who have arrested the group say that three Chechens toted automatic guns while the rest had left their weapons in the mountains before crossing to Georgian territory in order to return to their bases in the Pankisi gorge.

As the detainees report, they were encircled on the territory of Chechnya and decided to break through by crossing the Russian-Georgian border.

Georgian prosecuting officers say they need to verify the occupation of the detained persons because they give controversial evidence at interrogations.