7 arms-caches discovered in Chechnya

Seven arms-caches with arms and ammunition were discovered in Chechnya by officers of the Russian Department of Internal Affairs on Friday. This was disclosed to a RIA Novosti correspondent by the Regional Operative headquarters.

An arms-cache containing "Kalashnikov" assault rifle, tactical maps, 2 radio transmitters with charging device and extra batteries, disposable syringes and several cartridges for a rifle grenade projector has been discovered by the officers of the temporary department of the interior affairs in a forest nearby regional centre Vedeno.

A big arms-cache was discovered on the administrative border between Chechnya and Ingushetia. The arms-cache, which was hidden in a gully nearby a railroad, contained 5 grenade launchers, radio transmitter, 300 bullets for automatic rifles, TNT, electric detonators, mortar bomb and a detonating cable.

Another arms-cache, discovered by the militia officers, contained 25 grenades, 4 cartridges for the anti-tank grenade launcher, 25 cartridges for a rifle grenade projector and a machine-gun belt with 200 bullets.

PM pistol and a shotgun were discovered in an arms-cache located in a deserted building in the Belgatoi-Yurt village of the Shatoi region, Chechnya. In the city of Gudermes, in a ditch of a road 2 "Kalashnikov" assault rifles were found.

The Regional operative headquarters reported, that over the past 24 hours in Chechnya have been confiscated 5 "Kalashnikov" assault rifles, a pistol, 14 grenade launchers, 2 hunting rifles, 2,600 bullets for automatic rifles, 42 grenades, 170 cartridges for a rifle grenade projector, 7 shells, 13 mines, electric detonators, 1.5 kilos of plastic explosives, 2.4 kilos of TNT, a radio transmitter. 3 landmines were discovered and disarmed.

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