Chechen policemen attacked in Grozny

Chechen policemen have been attacked in the Staropromyslovsky district of Grozny.

As the Interior Department for Chechnya reported, last night a group of armed people broke in the house of Deputy Head of the District Interior Department Osman Astamirov. Holding his brother and nephew, the criminals took his pistol, gun and office card of the Deputy Head of the District Interior Department and then disappeared.

That night the criminals attacked the house of another policeman of the Staropromyslovsky police, Lieutenant Viskhan Elmurzayev. Presenting themselves as members of a special unit, they asked him to provide his documents. As before, holding the relatives, they took a pistol and the office card of Elmurzayev and then disappeared.

This night the criminals knocked at the house of policeman of the Lenin District Interior Department Said-Ali Abubakarov, acting as members of the special unity they ordered to open the door. Abubakarov opened the door having a gun at hand. However, the criminals hit him with a butt, took his pistol, gun and office card and then escaped.

The Interior Department reported that the criminals were wearing masks all the time. They had guns with silencers and night vision equipment. Investigation is underway.

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