Crematorium for refugees in Syria: Fruit of sick imagination

Syria vehemently rejects Washington's accusations of building a crematorium for thousands of executed prisoners. Syrian officials assure that this is a lie to justify the aggressive policy of the United States. According to them, those statements are divorced from reality and sound like a script for a Hollywood film, reports Veterans Today.

The US Department of State officially announced the above-mentioned accusations, referring to intelligence and "credible" humanitarian agencies. According to US officials, cremations take place at Saydnaya military prison some 30 kilometres from Damascus, as the Syrian authorities conceal acts of mass murders. A satellite photograph of the prison was published, where one of its parts was indicated as a "possible crematorium."

The Syrian Foreign Ministry issued an official statement, which says that the prison crematorium was nothing more but a "game of imagination of the US administration." The allegations about the crematorium are akin to accusations about the use of chemical weapons against the opposition.

Interestingly, the statement about the crematorium appeared after forces of the US coalition conducted air strikes in the eastern province of Syria, killing 23 civilian refugees.


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