Lithuanian police master drunk NATO soldiers with tasers

The Lithuanian police had to manage with the NATO soldiers who are currently in the Baltic States given military drills of the Alliance. Four Czech military men went on a rampage.

They started fighting with the law-enforcement officers in the street, as the reported.

'The incident happened overnight into 19 February near the Portas club. The Czech guests were drunk, behaved saucily and tried to resist the police. The police officers had to apply tasers in order to calm down five oversea rebellious fighters,' journalists revealed.

According to eyewitnesses, the police shouted 'Fry them, they'll flee' before using tasers. The soldiers, in their turn, were spitting threats.

It should be noted that such unscheduled events during the NATO exercises is a common case. Yet another tragic, although curious case took place in Lithuania in December last year during the NATO's Iron Sword drills. Training how to defend from the 'Russian invasion' , the Lithuanian motorized infantry shelled the German observers from mortars. As a result of the powerful strike, European 'partners' of a small Baltic state got post-concussion syndromes.

Before that NATO's marines disgraced themselves, not having managed to disembark in Portugal - ships were drifted, then soldiers were hardly swimming and after all armoured vehicles began to sink in sand. 'Severe fighters' then started crying for help.

And prior to that NATO troops faced Riga's taxi-drivers. Drunk soldiers refused to pay on their way back from a night party. As a result, 'supermen' were defeated. 'Much vaunted NATO men did not manage to defeat even taxi-drivers without their precision-guided weapon,' people laughed on social network sites.

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