Federal forces in Chechnya killed six mercenaries

In the course of the armed clashes in Chechnya the federal forces killed six foreign mercenaries.

The law-enforcement bodies of Chechnya reported that last Tuesday the federal troops held a special operation in the vicinity of Shalazhi village of Urus-Martan district of Chechnya. In 1.5 kilometres of the village they started fighting with a group of militants consisting of 10. In the course of a short battle three militants were killed.

The identities of those killed have been already established. One of them is a Turkish citizen, whose name is Alagoz and the other two are Arabs.

On the same day, in the evening, in the course of another armed clash between the servicemen of the federal troops and a group of militants another three militants were killed. One of them is an ethnic Turk and the other two are also Arabs.

At the site of the clash federal troops confiscated three submachine-guns, 14 magazines with cartridges, 535 cartridges to submachine-guns of 5.45-mm caliber, about 10 shots for anti-tank grenade-launcher and knifes.

There are no casualties among the federal troops' personnel, the law-enforcement bodies of Chechnya reported.