EgyptAir A320 wreckage found, terrorist attack possible

The wreckage of the missing EgyptAir airliner was found south of the Greek Island of Karpathos, Greek media says. 

The country's armed forces confirmed the detection of the aircraft wreckage, Reuters said. The Greek authorities that were searching of the fragments of the missing aircraft found two objects on the surface of the water about 50 miles to south-east off the place where the plane disappeared from radar screens, AFP reports. 

A Greek frigate found two large plastic objects 230 miles south off the island of Crete. It was specified that the found objects were in white and red colors. 

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A passenger plane of Egyptair Airlines went off radar screens on May 19. The plane was flying from Paris to Cairo and disappeared while flying about 280 kilometers from the Egyptian coast. There were 56 passengers (including three children) and ten crew members on board Flight MS804.

Pravda.Ru asked an expert opinion about the possible causes of the crash from honored pilot of Russia, member of the Presidential Commission for the development of general aviation, Yury Sytnic.

"At such altitudes, any sudden depressurization poses a serious threat to passengers and crew due to the pressure difference inside  and outside the aircraft. In addition, the pressure inside the aircraft effects doors and hatches. The locks that did not close automatically, could be the cause of sudden depressurization. 

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"Huge pressure inside the plane, tears the plane apart, and human blood boils immediately at such altitudes," said Yuri Sytnik. This explains the silence of the crew on the radio. "The second and the most likely version is a bomb blast. In all other case, the aircraft would not have disappeared so suddenly.

The probability of a technical failure makes up about 2-3 percent. The engines of the plane were produced by Swiss company IAE.

"A terrorist attack is also possible. Egypt is an unstable country now. In France, there is a refugee crisis going on, and France is not so safe as it may seem, Special services do not work very well at French airports. Even though they can not be compared to the situation at Egyptian airports, incidents may occur," said Yuri Sytnik. 


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