Three arms caches detected in Chechnya

Three caches with arms and ammunitions were detected over the past 24 hours by interior bodies' staffers in Chechnya.

The law-enforcement bodies reported that the staffers of the interim interior department of the Itum-Kali district detected a cache in bushes at the eastern slope of the Dugankort mountain. The cache contained two sub-machine guns, five hunter rifles, a self-made firing device of 5.6-mm calibre and a sawn-off gun, two grenade-launchers, nine shots to an anti-tank grenade-launcher, 23 magazines with cartridges to an automatic machine, and bayonet-knives.

Staffers of the operation group of the Interior Ministry discovered an equipped cache in an irrigation canal in the village of Novye Atagi. The cache contained four grenades and 400 grams of TNT.

Seventy-two artillery shells of different calibre and one mine were detected in the village of Shatoi.

In the course of the search operations 15,706 units of motor vehicles were examined, document of over 23,000 people were checked, 275 administrative violations were exposed. Six illegal mini oil-refineries were discovered and destroyed and 3.5 tonnes of petroleum products were confiscated.