Libya sinks a ship near Benghazi

Libyan war plane sank a vessel near the port of Benghazi on 19 July, according to the military spokesman of the government.

As the air force spokesman Nasser al-Hassi explained, ' the vessel was sunk because it had loaded fighters, weapons and ammunition to support terrorism in the eastern region".

In May, war planes of the official Libyan government attacked an oil tanker near the city of Sirte, claiming it was without a flag.

In January, Greece also complained about bombing of its tanker, that carried heavy fuel. The Libyan government however, objected it, and said it was carrying weaponry.

Political and economic crisis continues on the territory of the country after the murder of its leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. As a result there is currently a dual power represented by two Prime Ministers. Part of the territory is controlled by the IS fighters.

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