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American detained in Vietnam for tax scam

The Vietnamese customs officers detained an American in the Ho Chi Minh City.

The man tried to transport expensive fashion accessories, and misappropriated a huge VAT refund.

As arriving into the Tan Son Nhat airport from Kuala Lumpur, the baggage control showed, that he misappropriated more than $100,000 due to 85% VAT refund for foreigners.

The 39-year-old suspect provided last year documents for $28,600 worth fashion handbags, ties and jewelery.

Early that day he left HCMC for the Malaysian capital city after allegedly claiming over $2,200 in VAT refunds for the very same items.

The man allegedly conducted the scheme since last year, as customs department said.

The relevant agencies in HCMC and Hanoi are collaborating in investigating the case further.

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