A US man to pay $850 for downing neighbour's drone

Brett McBay from Modesto, California is accused of downing a drone of his neighbour.

McBay struck a homemade hexacopter drone of his neighbour Eric Joe with a 12-gauge shotgun, claiming it was spying on him.

Eric Joe though says he was flying the drone in his parent's backyard, when it was suudenly shot down from the nearby walnut trees.

"When I went out to go find it, I saw him come out, shotgun in hand," Joe said.

McBay claimed the drone was flying over his property and he was within his rights to shoot a surveillance vehicle.

Joe provided GPS data showing that the machine was hovering over a walnut orchard owned by his parents, not McBay's property, when it was brought down.

Mc Bay is to pay now a $850 fine upon the court order of the Stanislaus County.

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