American schoolboy detained refusing to turn his NRA shirt inside out

An American student has been detained for refusing to turn his T-shirt inside out.

14-year-old Jared Marcum was suspended from school and charged with disrupting the educational process along with obstruction an officer.

School secretary Anita Gore physically stopped Marcum while waiting in the lunch line in the school's cafeteria and advised him that his shirt violated school dress code and instructed him to turn the shirt inside our or face suspension from school.

"The shirt was an alarming olive green tee shirt bearing the NRA logo, which is the letters 'NRA' in black, the words 'PROTECT YOUR RIGHT,' an image of a hunting rifle and the officials NRA logo which has an eagle and two cross firearms," according to the lawsuit.

Numerous school board members, the district superintendent, the principal, a teacher and several staffers are named in the lawsuit.

The charge of obstruction was alleged to have taken place when the student was told to stop talking by the officer and he continued. As Marcum explained,"when the police came, I was still talking and telling them that this was wrong, that they cannot do this, it's not against any school policy. The officer, he told me to sit down and be quiet. I said, 'No, I'm exercising my right to free speech.' I said it calmly."

The incident happened back in 2013, but mother of the student Tanya Lardieri is now suing the Logan County Board of education in West Virginia for violations of the 1st and 14th Amendment rights. The compensatory damages may reach $250,000.

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