Geese save human lives having died in farm fire

A fire broke out in the yard of one of the houses in the city of Abakan, Siberia. Seven geese that were kept in a barn smelled the smoke. The birds started screaming and throwing themselves against the walls of the barn in an attempt to escape to safety. The geese woke up the people who were sleeping in the house, having thus saved human lives, reports.

Seven heroic geese had died by the time a fire brigade arrived.

"The roof in the wooden barn collapsed. Shortly before that, the birds began screaming and banging on the walls. The people woke up from this noise to find out that their farm was on fire," officials said. It took firefighters only 15 minutes to extinguish the fire, to prevent the flames from spreading to the house and other barns, where other domestic animals were kept.

According to preliminary reports, the fire broke out due to improper maintenance of electrical equipment.

In Ukraine, a rescue dog named Nancy sensed trouble and saved its owners from death in the fire. The Staffordshire terrier dashed into the room and began to whimper and pull its sleeping master by her nightgown. The woman woke up and saw flames of fire coming from underneath the bathroom door. Her husband had already lost consciousness by that moment, but she dragged the man out. When the fire was extinguished, the body of the dog was found in the kitchen next to the carpet where she used to sleep with her puppies. The family pet died of suffocation with all her eight puppies, said.

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