No celebrations in the future for NATO

No celebrations in the future for NATO. 45179.jpegThe lies and disinformation have been flowing fast and furious. NATO is trying to use the media to create the false illusion of an impending NATO victory. For those of us who know better, it's extremely annoying to say the least.

They keep putting out reports that their terrorist clients have taken A, B and C, when it's total fabrication. A few of the terrorists get together and take a picture, trying to make themselves look like there are more of them than there really are, they ship the picture to their masters and instant Hollywood, next thing you know the rag group gets chased away or better yet wasted by Libyan armed forces.

There are nightly poundings on Tripoli. Now there's the added reports of heavy gunfire, with ragtag terrorists again trying to pretend that they are more in number than they are...quicky chased away.

They claim the capital is surrounded, cut off. The claims are total fabrication. They claim the government is about to collapse, again, total fabrication.

In the meantime, the western corporate media is pretending that victory is near for their terrorist stooges, when the truth is the country is getting more and more terrorist free every day.  Rather than any concern about being surrounded, Tripoli comes out to celebrate continued successes and freedom.  No one is ready to give up everything for the colonial ambitions of the west.

You can almost sense the blood lust and the desperation of NATO, desperate for some kind of success, any kind of success, even if it's make believe media created. So there will be no celebrations in Paris, London or Washington.

Confidence is high in Libya. People are banding together more than ever before since the threat to their way of life has never been greater. The aggressors, the invaders, the bombers have won no one's hearts and minds.


Lisa Karpova


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