Kate Gosselin Bickers with Nadya Suleman

There's nothing uglier than two moms bickering.
Actually, that's not true. There's nothing uglier than two reality show moms bickering.
Maybe it's because despite the amount of bickering that goes on within their self-contained tabloid lives, we always assumed there was an unspoken camraderie among these media obsessions. But Nadya Suleman's regular criticisms of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" mom Kate Gosselin have blown that Pollyanna-ish view of the world out of the water. Now that the gloves are off, who would win in a street brawl? We pitted these two middle weights (they've lost the baby-fat, thank you very much) against each other to find out who's the best mom. Er, tabloid mom , Chicago Tribune reports.

Meanwhiel, one day after their heated argument that resulted in police playing referees, Jon and Kate Gosselin reunited Friday at their Wernersville, Pa. home.

The estranged couple appeared to have had an uncomfortable conversation upon meeting in front of their $1.1 million house, where some of their children looked on with serious expressions.

After saying goodbye to his eight kids, Jon drove away and Kate stayed at the house , New York Daily News reports.

“[He’s my] first love,” she told the network in an interview to air on Monday night. “I’m not some fame whore.”

The 22-year-old hit the headlines in July, when she and Gosselin, 32, spent a weekend with Ed Hardy designer Christian Audigier in St. Tropez, France — but she said their courtship hasn’t been a whirlwind romance , msnbc.com reports.