Third Season of "Mad Men" on Screens

Last night's third-season premiere of Mad Men was called "Out Of Town," and while critic Alan Sepinwall has put forth a very viable theory that what ties it together is the concept of wishes, to me, it was an episode about travel -- or, really, about displacement.

More specifics and a call for your thoughts, after the jump...

We opened with an extended flashback in which Don Draper recalled the circumstances of his birth, back when he was someone else entirely. We learned how he came to be called Dick Whitman, and about just how little love surrounded his arrival in the world. Now that his wife Betty is very pregnant with their third child, he seems to be hoping he can do a little better for his own kids. Don's entire life, of course, has been displaced, as has his birthday; he can't even celebrate it, because he's taken on the identity of someone else , NPR reports.

After watching the first episode of Season Three, I reflected back on two of my own past office situations. Between my marriages, as a rather clueless new single, I dated two bosses -- two mad men -- back to back. They weren't the "mad" of Madison Avenue. They were mad as in angry and sometimes even crazy , Huffington Post reports.

"We have a predominately female writing staff -- women from their early 20s to their 50s -- and plenty of female department heads and directors," Jacquemetton says. "[Show creator] Matt Weiner and [executive producer] Scott Hornbacher hire people they believe in, based on their talent and their experience. 'Can you capture this world? Can you bring great storytelling?'" , CNN reports.

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