Propofol Is Cause of Michael Jackson’s Death

ABC News has learned that the autopsy of Michael Jackson found the powerful anesthetic propofol, as well as several prescription drugs, in his system, and law enforcement sources say that investigators believe their final report will list the propofol as a "contributing factor" in his death , ABC News reports.

Meanwhile, anesthesiologist Dr. Dan Burkhardt at UCSF Medical Center said while Propofol is a superior anesthetic, it's a very potent and dangerous drug.
"To use this drug in people who don't sleep well is suicidal." Dr. Burkhardt remarked, adding, "The difference in between the amount of drug you've got to give to have any effect at all and the amount that it takes to have you stop breathing and die is very small." ,CBS 5 reports.

However, according to the Associated Press, an anonymous official said that Jackson received propofol to sleep regularly, and that Jackson received the drug sometime after midnight on June 25, the day the King of Pop passed away , reports.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team