Facebook Celebrates 250 Millionth User

Least surprising news of the day: Facebook has officially grown to 250 million active users cross he world, according to a post on the company blog by CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

"For us, growing to 250 million users isn't just an impressive number; it is a mark of how many personal connections all of you have made, and how far we at Facebook have to go to extend the power of connection to the billions of people around the world," Zuckerberg wrote. (The post is accompanied by an animation of how Facebook's growth spread around the world, which is pretty cool.) , CNET News reports.

Meanwhile, Facebook claimed that 70% of its users are outside America, many of them in other advertising-rich nations such as England and Canada, assuring its members that facebook is abiding to develop and innovate.

Mark Zuckerberg wrote in his blog, "Today as we celebrate our 250 millionth user, we are also continuing  to develop Facebook to serve as many people in the world in the most effective way possible." , TopNews United States reports.

"The rapid pace of our growth is humbling and exciting for us, and it affirms that people everywhere are realizing the power of staying connected to everything they care about on Facebook," Zuckerberg said.

In May, Facebook pulled in 70.278 million unique visitors in the states, compared to MySpace's 70.237 million, according to data released by ComScore. That made Facebook the most popular site in the U.S., in terms of visitors. Just a month earlier, Facebook had a little over 67 million U.S. visitors behind MySpace's 70.9 million, PC Magazine reports.