14-year-old-girl Survives Yemen Plane Crash

A Yemenia Airbus 310-300 with 153 people on board  crashed into the sea late Monday night while approaching the Indian Ocean archipelago of the Comoros. A 14-year-old girl is the sole survivor so far, according to the local Red Cross and rescuers.
Earlier reports had suggested the survivor was a five-year-old child, France 24 reports.

A French rescuer who spotted the 14-year-old-girl in choppy waters amid bodies and wreckage said she was shaking as he pulled her up.

The girl was taken to a hospital in capital of the Comoros, Moroni. Five bodies have also been recovered.

The rescuer told France's Europe 1 radio of finding the girl.
"We tried to throw a life buoy. She could not grab it. I had to jump in the water to get her," he said. "She was shaking, shaking. We put four sheets on her. We gave her hot, sugary water. We simply asked her name, village."
It is believed the girl lives in Marseille and was travelling with her mother to the Comoros, BBC reports.

Meanwhile a Comoran government spokesman  confirmed that the girl is the only survivor so far and hailed from the southeastern village of Nioumadzaha, AFP reports.