Organic food removes bouquet of chemicals from human body - video


Pesticides, fungicides, growth regulators, and herbicides are destroying people instead of performing their direct function of controlling the process of plant growth, Pravda.Ru reports. 

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As Dr. Henley explains, when pesticides and herbicides were invented, 37 percent of our crops were being lost to pests - 57 years later, more than 37 percent of our crops are being destroyed. What else is being harmed in the process of all this spraying?

It just so happens that most people use many chemicals without knowing what their synergistic results are.

Insecticides, the most widely used of all types of pesticides invented to kill insects, but are likely killing beneficial creatures likes bees and butterflies.

Herbicides meant to destroy weeds or unwanted vegetation.

Fungicides meant to protect seeds against fungi living in soils.

Bactericides that were supposed to control harmful bacteria but have given rise to super-bugs and antibiotic resistant bugs that don't respond to medicine.

Virucides to suppress viruses which have also contributed to very strong mutant viral strains.

Nematicides meant to control nematodes (roundworms).

Miticides to kill mites and ticks.

Rodenticides meant to control rodents.

All these chemicals are pervasive in our environment. 

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In a short video you can see what happens to people when they start an all organic diet. After watching the video, you will never want to eat conventional food again


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