Paracetamol raises risk of cardiovascular diseases


British scientists say that paracetamol, an indispensable medication for all, is harmful. An article published in Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases says that these seemingly harmless pills may cause serious damage to the human body - namely, to the cardiovascular system.

"A pharmaceutical product always has side effects. This is why medicines are subject to specific regulation and are not considered a consumer product under law. We should not assume that a product is harmless because it is widely used. An extreme example of this is tobacco: a widespread, but very dangerous product," said Michèle Rivasi, a French MEP and member of the European Parliament Committee on Public Health.

Doctors agreed that heavy doses of paracetamol raise the risk of strokes and heart attacks by 20 percent. Regular use of paracetamol also causes serious damage to kidneys.

The researchers note that a daily dose of paracetamol is directly related to the weight of the person. Many people need less of the medicine than drug stores sell to them.  

"Who knows that someone over 50kg should never exceed the dose of 4g of paracetamol per day?" Michèle Rivasi said.

According to British experts, excessive use of paracetamol leads to severe renal insufficiency, disorders on the psychic level and even develops suicidal tendencies, said Pravda.Ru.


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