I Need Independent Facts

Letter 1

You see nowadays I read Pravda and other publications from non-western countries! The top in the west is shallow corrupt coarse fraudulent nonchalant and prone to playing beautiful weather while there's a recession. Mr/Mrs Bancroft is not so popular for being a westerner, I need independent facts. Request Pravda publish my judgement of the west as fraudulent nonchalant lazy shallow coarse corrupt stupid dictatorial and ugly. I hate the USA, but that makes info gathering difficult.

Jean-Paul Wassen

Letter 2

I find myself reading your online paper quite often. Thanks for filling in the very large gaps. Personally, I believe it would be of great service to the planet and humanity if ALL tools, everywhere, that are capable of magnifying barbaric manifestations of evil souls, should be buried in the ground and never again allowed to see the light of day. Hopefully, after many generations the, so called, Art of War, will be forgotten. It is a shameful reflection on a civilization's mental processes, when all it has to claim as a foundation for its economy is nothing other than the brutality of war, with its only boast being that the bombs and missiles are getting smarter and smarter while its population becomes dumber and dumber.

Back to the real world...with all of the recent developments, the following thought came to mind: As is well known, the Wolfowitz, Pearle and Cheney/Bush Sr. clan were trying to strong-arm the Clinton administration into overthrowing the Iraqi regime. It would be interesting to research and map the timeline of events for this period. I wouldn't be surprised if from Clinton's reluctance emerged the reason his character was publicly soiled with Loose-Panski's dirty dress. May the architect of the universe breathe some wisdom into this planet and save it from this tailspin into the abyss.

Thanks, Davidz