Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Baghdad

This war for all intents and purpose is one of continuation. Whether you believe it is one of revenge, liberation, or a reckoning – it is history. The game is over, the final buzzer has sounded and Saddam is gone, if not in the physical sense, at least in the psychological. Because of the ultimate humanitarian “shock and awe,” Iraq is free! The people of Iraq are free of tyranny and free from brutality imposed by the whims of the mad.

American arrogance does not stem from strength, but more so from being right. Morality trumps ideology every time. As altruistic as France and Russia appear to be, the actions of such have been suspect at best. Despite conjured up delusions of a pre-emptive strike by the U.S., these two former powers found reason to support a tyrannical government in lieu of their so-called ally.

Russia by means of “see no evil” allowed Russian companies to supply Iraqi repressors with technology to combat American liberators. This action hinders the ability of coalition forces to end this war with minor casualties on both sides. Russia is choosing the path of least resistance, instead of being strong and bold and contributing to a worldwide glasnost society they now enjoy, they have opted for the short cut of making a quick buck and selling out their true friends. The proverbial “one step forward and two steps back” will prove to be an obstacle not easily overcome by the Russians. Hopefully they will soon learn that the right path is not the one of least resistance.

The French have played the roles of weakness and dйtente remarkably well. Mr. Chirac is playing a very dangerous shell game of support with the United Nations and the European Union. The U.N. was the brainchild of the United States, and in the words of Bill Cosby referencing his children, “I brought you into this word and I can take you out of it just as quickly.” The true obsolescence of the U.N. has become apparent in the last 12 years and increasingly so in the past six months. The inability of the United Nations to enforce even one of its seventeen resolutions is telling. This organization has had multiple opportunities to change the world for the better and like the French, have surrendered in the face of adversity.

Trying to parlay power throughout Europe to rival that of America will be the downfall of Mr. Chirac. The most powerful and disruptive protest that will be conducted by the American people is via their wallets. If there is one thing we know, it is the hand of the free market system and the power of non-participation. This overt betrayal will be met with boycotts of French goods and services for years to come. With an all out boycott by millions of Americans, the French economy will spiral in to negative growth leaving Mr. Chirac without friends and without power. Then and only then, will we welcome the French back into the world community -- when they are worthy of being called America’s ally.

So, indeed, a funny thing did happen on the way to Baghdad – a couple of our allies became blinded in the sandstorm that is Iraq, ambling their way into the backs of history books as footnotes of inconsequence. Sitting on the wrong side of the fence will be lonely, but in time, we will as always welcome home our friends. We are a fierce, but forgiving people. In the process we will have gained a new ally to fill in for the old, an ally with sharpened sight, used to blinding sandstorms, and those that can fully visualize the light of freedom on the horizon of war.

The coalition forces will liberate the repressed, and free the spirit and ingenuity of the Iraqi people by creating a lasting peace due to them for centuries. In time, Iraq and much of the Middle East will embrace the cohesion of democracy and the liberty of all life’s pursuits. This time of terror and uncertainty will give way to a period of unprecedented understanding and renewal. There have been few superpowers that have tackled such daunting operations, but the United States will remain a beacon of light and freedom for all that yearn to see it. Above all else, in the wake of these trying times, we will prevail!

Christopher Brown United National Group