Edward L. Schooling: Save Iraqi Children-Declare Cease Fire for Evacuation

UN should pay all expenses to transport Iraqi children to the volunteer families in other countries and to return them home after it is safe in Iraq

Are we going back to the stone age or are we progressing as civilized humans? I call upon every decent human being to email and call the United Nations, the many news services who tell the truth, and lastly their politicians, and notify the UN that they need to declare a temporary cease fire in the war to evacuate Iraqi children and their mothers.

And I have a plan. First the UN must declare a cease fire, not request it, not just demand it. They must declare it, and be prepared to immediately intervene to enforce a mandatory cease fire utilizing EU troops from any and all nations who are not part of the so called "willing coalition." These troops must immediately be formed and move into Iraq, and specifically to Baghdad to enforce the cease fire.

Meanwhile all news services must spread the word to request for volunteer families across the mideast for those who can accept one family of one or more children with their mother to house and feed until the Iraq conflict is resolved. I am sure there will be many mideast families who will volunteer, as well as other non Arab peoples of the civilized world. This must be done before the US further bombs Baghdad into near total destruction killing and wounding thousands of innocent people, especially children and their mothers.

Furthermore, the UN should pay all expenses to transport these children and mothers to the volunteer families, and to return them home after it is safe in Iraq to do so. I believe the UN would also be able to even offer volunteer families some financial assistance for room and board for their refugee guests. All members of the UN should be made to pay for the this and for troops who will enforce the cease fire.

Should there not be enough volunteer families then the UN can set up decent living quarters for those children and mothers in need, and I do not mean dirty refugee camps.

I urge ever reader of this notice to forward this notice to every news service, every person, every group, every government world wide immediately. This could be your children next. This could be your city next. When will man ever stop mass murders? The world has had enough this time. Do your part, do not leave it up to another. May God help us all.

Edward L. Schooling USA

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Author`s name: Editorial Team