L. Mueller: We need a regime change - 28 March, 2003 - News

I have never been so frightened for the world as I am now


Please understand that this horror, this war against a country that poses NO threat to mine is NOT popular in this country, despite what our incredibly censored news casts would have the world believe. There are massive protests, all of which are met by incredible brutality and arrests byour "authorities." This wonderful country to which I was a born citizen has literally fallen into the fists of thugs and the pockets of international corporate criminals (think Enron for starters right about here).

This is not a war that the citizens of the United States want, nor support. A handful of uneducated, far-right wing religious zealots might support it, but honestrly, the vast majority of us don't. There is real fear here, in America, of being secretly arrested and never heard fromagain for portesting againstor disagreeing with the Bush junta. We are in the grip of a government far worse than Germany ever dreamed possible during the reign of the Nazis. I do not exagerate.

A black cloud has fallen across the land and the four horsemen of the apocalype ride rapaciously down our backs. Bush, Cheney, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld. If ever there was a nedd for a United Nations it is now, to help give the United States ofAmerica back to her citizens and free us from this tyranny.

We pray daily for peace and reason. Alas, we are powerless one on one and have nothing to fight back with except our consciences. The government has the firepower to subdue crowds, the secret police are boundless and all powerful. WE ARE IN TROUBLE in the worst possible way. Ruled by madmen and now hated by the world. If the world but knew and could understand that this government is a sham, foisted upon our people by a Supreme Court illegally and immorally. We have a Congress that has rolled over and played dead, bought and paid for by the same international corporations that purchased the White House and given it over to their pet puppet. A man who can't speak in more than two syllable words, who cannot read, who knows NOTHING about foriegn affairs and who believes himself to be the arm of his particular God.

I have never been so frightened for the world as I am now; never so profoundly ashamed to call myself a citizen of the USA; never so sad to see the beauty of my country and all of the bright and wonderful things she stood for over two hundred years trashed in less than two years a false prince.

I speak for many, not just myself.

Sincerely, L. Mueller

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Author`s name: Editorial Team