Costas Stavrides: A message to the russian leadership from a greek friend - 28 March, 2003 - News

History repeats. A new way of fascism dominates the world today and United States to do so under the umbrella of world protector

Dear editor, I am a cypriot citizen. My name is Costas Stavrou from Nicosia, Cyprus. As all of fellow citizens, i also consider the Russian nation as a natural and traditional friend of the Greek nation. I strongly believe in piece and in the free will of people. At these hours of war in Iraq, i bring to my thought the images of Stalingrad and all the hardships Hitler's fascism brought to your great country.

Unfortunately, these images do not differ much from todays policy of theUnited States in all over the world, and specifically in Iraq. As we watch the homeless iraqi children in the streets of Bagdad, i wonder if the British forgot so easily the bombartment of London in 1941.

Unfortunately, history repeats itself. A new way of fascism dominates the world today. A fascism guided by United States and its desire not only to rule the world, but to do so under the umbrella of world protector. The message to the Russian leadership is clear. Yesterday it was Yugoslavia and Afganistan, today is the turn of Iraq, tomorrow the victims of United States desire to ''liberate'' the world will be Iran, North Korea and Russia itself finally.

Costas Stavrides Nicosia, Cyprus

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Author`s name: Editorial Team