A. Cipriani: Bill Clinton was asleep at his post for eight years and left this mess for Pres. Bush - 28 March, 2003 - News

Peace ... it's not always easy

What is going on? I am a US citizen of Italian descent. I love it here. There is nothing better. We have freedom of speech, freedom of travel, freedom to say whatever we feel like saying. Have you ever been in a grocery store here or a new car lot? We have choices, we have jobs...we work hard and our dreams can become reality. But the main thing is we can reach our dreams. Isn't it only fair to help the repressed people of Iraq to have the same freedoms?

There isn't one country in this whole Iraqi war discussion that isn't somehow connected to Iraq through their oil. I'm tired of hearing how the US is only in it for the oil.. Wake up! Both Russia and France are owed money by Iraq, Germany also has Iraq oil connections. Whatever happens to the politics in Iraq will affect those people in other dictatorships that say their leaders make Hussein look like Santa Claus.

Isn't it time that the free world unites to help those repressed in the world by horrible leaders who kill, mame and rape and horde the fortunes of the people.

Bush is not an evil man and neither are the leaders of those countries with governments that treat their people well. Let's all stand together instead of nitpicking each other.

Bush is a great leader. Bill Clinton was asleep at his post for eight years and left this mess for President Bush. There wouldn't have been a 9/11 if Clinton had gotten Bin Laden when he was quite capable of doing so. President Bush is not wasting tax dollars and precious time playing golf and travelling the world for his own pleasure. God bless great leaders like Bush, Blair, Putin and all the other leaders who actually love their countries and their people.

The world must rise up against the horrors of dictatorships like Hussein. The US is not an enemy and the people of Iraq and Afghanistan will be so much better off in the future. Peace ...it's not always easy.

A. Cipriani A very proud US citizen

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Author`s name: Editorial Team