You Are Probably Afraid to Publish This

I am a US citizen. You are probably afraid to publish this, because you don’t seem to like US citizens in Russia: The first US war death today was a US Marine. He was a hero. He represents the sacrifices the US is willing to make to ensure a safe world. Where were the Russians? Hiding in their homes. Pretending to have a “principled” stand against war, when really you have become a nation of cowards, still backing dictators instead of the oppressed. Iraq has also launched Scud missiles, which Iraq denied they had. They have now clearly violated the terms of 1441. That is proof and justification for why this war is going ahead. That alone should be enough for Russia to be sending troops right this minute to defeat Iraq. The US President clearly didn’t want this war, which is why he went to the UN. It was believed that the world would disarm Iraq. Why wasn’t Iraq disarmed “peacefully”? Because the rest of the world wouldn’t unite in a stand against Iraq to force them to disarm.

Maybe if Russia, and your treacherous friends the French, had backed the second resolution, and used your secret information on how you helped re-arm Iraq after the first Gulf War, the US wouldn’t be at war right now. Maybe that united stand would have caused Saddam to back down. You can blame the US for all this, but what about Britain? Are they also trying to “dominate the world” (or insert some other such anarchist/ peacenik accusation)? Shame on Russia. You disgust me. You have stabbed what could have been your best friend in the back, and you let others fight for you. You have let your military decline into nothingness. You are a sham of a country. You are still enamored of dictators and mass murderers. I would think that after you experienced Stalin’s purges, you would side against dictators. You have no moral authority to criticize the US. You need to clean up your own house before you criticize us. Believe me, the US is going to re-assess its alliances after this war, and Russia will pay a heavy price, as it should. You are a nation of Judases. Iraqi blood is on YOUR hands because you blocked unified disarmament. We won’t forget.

John Lawrence Seattle, WA USA