It Is Sad that Americans Are Not Being Properly Informed

As most Canadians, I subscribe to a cable service which offers Canadian as well US programming. It is interesting to compare the differences in news coverage between Canadian and US news networks. For example, on Saturday March 22nd, "Canadian" news stations were saturated with coverage of the of masses of people participating in anti-war protests across North America. "American" networks on the other hand, had next to no coverage of these protests.

Several weekends ago when there were large anti-war rallies across 80 American cities, there was absolutely no coverage of these on any of the major American networks. It was like they hadn't happened. My favorite news station used to be CNN, a station I now consider to be a Bush family propaganda tool.

It is sad that Americans are not being properly informed as to what is happening in their own country.

PS: I find it distressing that the average American citizen is being lumped together with the likes of Bush and his war mongering buddies. The agenda of the current American administration and the average American citizen are "not" one and the same.

Donald Edward