Hello Clyde,

I think we can agree that we have opposing points of view. However I would refute your accusations that my allegations are “utterly lacking in substance” and affirm without any reservation whatsoever that I reiterate everything I said in the article, only more firmly now that Rumsfeld has added the quality of liar to that of terrorist, murderer and war criminal.

I have every right under the policy of freedom of the press practised by Pravda.Ru to express my opinion, only the article you refer to is not only opinion, it is fact.

Rumsfeld indeed slammed his fist onto the dais, theatrically, when he was speaking about the forthcoming attacks on his “targets” which later we discover butchered innocent civilians. I have the photograph of the said fist and the said dais in front of me as I write.

He was indeed gloating and rejoicing as he claimed that his weaponry had been deployed with success while civilians were murdered. He even said that this was obnly the starter, the main course was yet to come.

Rumsfeld, I am happy to repeat, is a cold-blooded murderer, a terrorist, a war criminal and a barefaced liar.

Thank you, Clyde, for providing me with this opportunity to clarify the position.

Enjoy your day too.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey