Henry W. Freitag: To all the people of the EU states

To all the people of the EU states, their political leaders and the nations of Eastern Europe.

During my recent visit in the EU I noticed that the bureaucracy has increased and the people do not seem or know what is going on in the world. The EU is on the right path and it is high time to create a political EU. You made the move with the Euro. The prices went up with the Euro but the prices would have gone up regardless of the Euro or not. I live in Canada and my neighbor is the USA, I have many good friends in the USA but when it comes to the USA government there is a different story. The most powerful nation in the world directs what we have to do, president Bush tells our Prime Minister to jump and our Prime Minister asked how high Sir. Not only here but in most of the world (the political establishment) complies with the wishes of the USA (George W. Bush). I left Europe 50 years ago for personal reasons. Now Europe via the EU has the chance for a future in peace, no more wars, no more rivalry, but the price for such a luxury is unity and the EU must be as powerful as the most powerful nation in the world, or better the most powerful nation must be forced to give up the world domination.

The best way to form a new world order would be tolerance, understanding with all nations, respecting all religions, enforce the United Nations to a useful institution and also a police force that can handle the most powerful nation in the world, I would say the UN police force should have members from all the nations of this world, all in one uniform and equipped with the best weapons, also a fair voting system and no more veto’s.

Dismantle the NATO alliance there is no more need for it. Take in Russia and all the eastern countries; it will be difficult but better in the long run. You all remember September 11, it was horrible; there are so many rumors around as to why and how it did happened and that it could have been prevented. At present the USA (George W. Bush) is on the war path to eliminate terrorism, George W. Bush created most of the terrorist or supported them. At present George W. Bush is on the way to kill or eliminate Saddam Hussein by more terrorists. Here the Iraqi state is a legal state and under the EU commitment to fight terrorists Europe must stop the USA. To me the USA (George W. Bush) is out of control he has turned the USA into a warmongering nation, I am sure most US citizens do not like it either, now he wants to eliminate Saddam Hussein. Who is next? It could be any one of you.

You fair minded people think a bit, would it be fair and reasonable to arm the children from one side of the town with boxing-gloves and the other side of the town you give the children rifles. This is how it looks today in the world. George W. Bush stated he will use limited nuclear bombs in his fight for freedom. Here the question is? “who’s freedoms”. George W. Bush stated: “We are in conflict between good and evil, and America will call evil by its name”. But which is the evil site in Chechnya, Sri Lanka and Kashmir? In the Afghan war, the USA were aided by Iran, Libya, Sudan, Pakistan and the Northern Alliance generals accused of massacres. In the Desert Storm, the USA were assisted by Assad, in World War II by Stalin, in the Cold War by the Shah, Pinochet, Marcos and the South Africa of the Botha boys.

The question should be placed before President George W. Bush: Ask the Germans if what the USA did to Dresden was moral. Ask the Japanese if what the USA did to Nagasaki was moral. By dividing the world into good and evil, and threatening pre-emptive wars on all the “EVIL ONES”, the USA may persuade the targets of their pre-emption to acquire the only kind of weapons able to deter a crusading US president.

People of Europe form your United Europe, be free from the dominating action of the USA.

Henry W. Freitag

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