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Regarding the manifesto written by John Stanton and Wayne Madsen

Regarding the following article:


By John Stanton and Wayne Madsen

Since September 11, 2001, the Bush Regime, the US Congress and senior personnel in the U.S. military have been busy planning their escape routes from Washington, D.C

As John Stanton and Wayne Madsen's denunciation of all things American dragged on - ad infinitum, ad nauseum, my eyes began to water and my chin began to fall as I fought a courageous, yet futile battle to stay awake.

I have an urgent request. Would any reader be in possession of some Turkish coffee that they could upload to my computer? After that diatribe, I could certainly use a cup or two or maybe even three! Help!

In a free and open society, we Americans understand that it is inevitable that the crazies will eventually come out to play, especially during a full moon. What can one do? Those afflicted by or manifesting unsoundness of mind or an inability to control their rational processes have every right to express themselves as their more sane counterparts. It's the price of freedom.

Normally, we don't mind. Often they provide better entertainment value than any comedy program on television. And who doesn't love to laugh?

I wish I could say that John and Wayne were funny. But the truth is, these two guys were so boring that they should be nominated to oversee the world's first International Snoring Festival.

OK. Maybe I'll admit that their individual claims to be a "writer on national security affairs" and an "investigative journalist" were somewhat funny. I'll admit it. But that's as much credit for humor as I'm willing to give them.

Every nation has it's share of screwballs. We're no different. John Stanton and Wayne Madsen just happen to be two of our more passionate, albeit, more boring screwballs.

Turkish coffee anyone?

JMH Boston, Massachusetts, USA