Jeff Crook: The Map of the Creator

Hello, I recently read the article about the map of "the Creator" located at This was a facinating article and I would like very much to learn more about it. My name is Jeff Crook. I am an American author of fantasy and science fiction. I have written three novels that have been published all over the world (but only in English). I want to learn more about this map, and I would appreciate your assistance in contacting the discoverers of this map. First, I need to see more about this map, as well as more detailed photographs of the map. If I am convinced that the map represents an important discovery, I am sure that a book could be written about it and is discoverers. I am the person to write that book and get it published here in America. I hope that you can help me with this. Unfortunately, I only know and speak English. Sincerely, Jeff Crook