To the Editor of PRAVDA:

I am writing to express my appreciation for your detailed and frequently fascinating coverage of world events. Being a media person myself, I appreciate candor and attention to content when I see it. The mainstream media appears to be a lost cause. Here in the USA, we have the ever scintillating choice between talking heads on CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS or local talking heads on the nearest local media outlet. Everyday finds me shaking my head at the lack of depth and clarity. Spoon feeding an elitist bias to the masses keeps them happy but does nothing to illuminate the issues of the day.

Even worse, the national networks appear to be engaged in a "can you top this?" struggle for the most sensational hype while they struggle for ratings points and advertising dollars. It seems only a slight exaggeration to add that more emphasis is placed on hair, makeup and overall image than on the ability to speak, read and write with clarity and depth of understanding. In my opinion, PRAVDA is a bright beacon in the world of journalism today. We may not always agree, but your presentation and coverage are superior.

Best Regards,

Doug McKee Connecticut. USA.

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Author`s name Editorial Team