Theodore W Branin: Thanks to the Russian people from the USA

I have been reading the history of Russia's defense against Hitler's invasion of June 22, 1941 with the best and largest land army ever seen anywhere up until that time in all of history. Russia finished off Germany in 1945. That victory cost your people 27-28 million lives in servicemen and civilian deaths. I wonder many times what would have happened if your country had not been invaded. What would have happened if Hitler had succeeded against England and than had turned his attention to America? Most Americans have very little idea of the magnitude of your country's suffering. It is true, however, that through lend lease the West made it possible for these victories to take place in the time frame it did, but you still did the dying. Hitler threw about 80% of his forces at you, and through Stalin's unpreparedness, you lost and lost until you turned it around. If the West had had to have faced 100% of Germany's forces, how many lives would it have taken to defeat him? As to sacrifices, I have not even addressed the losses under Stalinism and the 70 years of life under communism with its total distortion of reality. I think history would bear out that Americans have never suffered anywhere near the way the Russian people have suffered. My prayer is that your future be bright and promising and that your people never ever again victimize themselves as they have in the past. At one time, I studied to be a teacher of Russian, but sadly, there is little market for it in the US. Your language and culture should be taught and promoted. You are a great, great people, and so are we. I am a devoted enthusiast of Russian language and culture, and I am writing this so that we may come together a little more in spirit. Bolshoye spaceba, Theodore Branin, Esquire

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