Gil Eyal: The truth is that Israel is making huge sacrifices for peace

You better believe it. Israel today is far stronger than any other power in the middle east. I think it's obvious. In case of war, it could easily defeat it's Arab neighbours. Guess what? It even better than the previous wars. And the neighbours know it. If this is true, than why does the writer claim that Israel chooses war as its way? If this was true, wouldn’t they have just conquered all their neighbours? After all, they are a super power. Furthermore, how does the writer explain Barak's offer to sit with the Palestinians and give much of the occupied territories to them? Or Rabin's peace offers? Or the peace with Egypt and Jordan? Or the constant peace offerings by Peres to Assad? How does he explain the fact that Israel only enters the territories after some Palestinian blows himself up in the middle of a crowded area? And most of all, how does he explain the fact that chairman Arafat is still alive - after all, it's obvious Israel could kill him within 2 hours of deciding to do so. The truth is that Israel is making huge sacrifices for peace, giving it's neighbours numerous second chances. If Israel wanted to, it could have easily finished off it's neighbours.

Gil Eyal

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