Larry Holloway: The Russian people deserve the luxuries that the West takes for granted

One of the laws of economics is: You never let war, or the threat of war deter you from making profits. In reality, it is the Russian peoples turn to start realizing meaningful benefits from their labor. Ironically, America’s devastating terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and The Pentagon are going to revolutionize, I think, opportunities available to the average Russian.

From my vantage point it appears that President Putin is doing a great job, based upon the situation Russia was in when he inherited the job. Also, the fact that he, President Putin, has sided with the West and not taken a fence straddling position is very much to his credit.

Now that we have learned that we can work together, maybe it is time for Russia to build modern roads, increase electrical power distribution and identify products, besides war materials, that can be exported. The Russian people deserve the luxuries that the West takes for granted. With a little planning and manipulation there is no doubt in my mind that it would not take long for the EU, NATO and the U.S. to really get serious about developing some of Russia’s potentials.

Maybe the guy from the KGB and his advisors have a game plan that will allow all Russians to share in the wealth. Maybe that Russian lady that can only dream and not hope for a better life will soon enjoy some of the fruits of her labor.

Larry Holloway

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