Larry Holloway: Islamic Curtain

Editor: Pravda.Ru, The atrocities committed by Islamist terrorists on September 11, 2001, will change many things, we are told. In and of itself, the atrocities committed changed a "cold war" against terrorism into a war that will be fought on all levels of economic, military and political fronts. When a truce is called against terrorism, the world will change as it did at the conclusion of World War II. As you may recall, soon after the end of World War II an "Iron Curtain" separated Russia and it’s client states from the rest of the world for almost fifty years. The Islamic terrorists that perpetrated the recent atrocities in New York and Washington, D.C., could draw a religious curtain around all unsuspecting Muslims and force them to accept their will, as in Afghanistan. Rhetorically, are the Islamic terrorists intent upon drawing a impenetrable "Islamic Curtain" around countries that fall under there control? More importantly, will the vast majority of Muslims that make up the countries that subscribe to Islam allow this to occur? It will take those countries that were behind the "Iron Curtain" at least twenty years to catch up with the rest of Western Europe. Based upon the Afghanistan tragedy, the Islamic terrorists are intent upon dragging Islam back 1300 years. Hopefully, Islam will move forward with the rest of the world and reject the fanaticism that is being advocated by the terrorists.

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