Donald Rumsfeld, the US Defence Secretary, gloated tonight while Baghdad was subjected to a terrifying 3 hours of massive bombardment by aircraft and cruise missiles.

Donald Rumsfeld rejoiced with the knowledge that his “shock and awe” campaign had been a “success”. In a terrorist attack of horrendous proportions, hundreds of “targets” have been razed in the city, bearing witness to Rumsfeld’s claims that the US/UK forces would unleash an attack of “unprecedented” force and scale as he banged his fist theatrically on the dais in the Pentagon.

Speaking of “targets”, Rumsfeld, like his master George Bush, proves that he has the same lizard-like cold blood as he showed to the world that he too has no regard whatsoever for the value of human life.

As Rumsfeld gloats, fires rage out of control in Baghdad. The explosions from the ordnance are so powerful that journalists hundreds of metres away from the blasts cower under tables as glass is showered around them and red mushroom clouds rise up high into the sky. Fire crews are unable to put out the raging fires because they risk being bombed by the incessant attacks.

The claims that only military installations are being targeted mean nothing, since civilians have been seen hurrying home in the middle of the Armageddon that Rumsfeld’s legions of evil have brought to the citizens of Baghdad.

How Rumsfeld can claim that the “destruction” of his “targets” has been a “success” while women and children lie screaming, butchered by flying shrapnel and shards of glass, while journalists are speaking of “high numbers of collateral damage” speaks volumes about the mindset of this sinister, evil, cold-blooded, murderous terrorist who has done to the civilians of Baghdad exactly the same as what Osama bin Laden did to New York.

Rumsfeld is a terrorist, a murderer and a war criminal.


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