Henry Freitag: To All People of the World

At the present time, the World must rethink what actions to take and which actions not to take. People think long and hard not only your life is at stake but that of your children and grandchildren.

When I listen to all the discussion before the UN it makes me sick. Under International Law there is no justification to attack Iraq with or without UN consent. It would violate all international laws and also the UN Charter.

Looking back in history we find a very interesting statement by the Pastor Niemoeller in Germany: When Hitler came and got the Communist’s I did nothing since I was no Communist, when Hitler came and got the Jew’s I did nothing since I was no Jew, when Hitler came and got me then it was to late to do anything about.

If we the people of the World permit one or several countries to invade Iraq with the excuse that Iraq is a threat to the USA and the World, there is no proof that Iraq is a threat or that Iraq is participating in terrorism. There is proof, in accordance with the US that the US is helping to set up an army of Kurds to fight Iraq and this is promoting terrorism. The USA has done this many times before in the World.

People of the World, people committed to law and order, we can’t permit that Iraq be invaded and a legal government be removed. I do think Iraq could and should have a different leader. But I also think that there are many other leaders in the World which should be replaced. The World must protect Iraq from an invasion from any aggressor. Remember Pastor Niemoller’s statement. If the World permits Iraq to be invaded, what other country will be next? It could be Iran, it could be North Korea, it could be some country in South or Middle America, it could be China, it could be France and Germany since they did not play along with the USA, and at the end it could be Russia until no country is left which is not under the control of the USA.

Please think long and hard.

Henry Freitag