Say NO to War

As the preparations for a war on Iraq continue at high speed, the voices of protest all over the world grow louder. Not only actual demonstrations, rallies and other such live actions bring people together to speak out against the war, but also virtual protest is increasing.

The vast communication lines that make up the internet are being used to reach as many people as possible and create an international feeling of togetherness on this issue. But with all the initiatives making their way through 'cyberspace', it's easy to get lost. aims at being the central checkpoint for anybody and everybody who wishes to be heard. A place where organisations, websites, foundations and/or individuals can come together - and work together against this war. The website also provides a schedule of real-life protests all around the world.

A petition against the war in Iraq is available for signing and will be available in as many languages as possible. will present this petition to the international leaders of all countries involved.