Henry Freitag: The war on Iraq has nothing to do to protect the American people, Iraq is no thread to the US at all

Here are my findings and opinion:

That the US is the greatest warmonger, and its aim is to dominate the world. The US will eliminate one small country after the other; the US makes the statement in order to bring democracy to the people. What do we see in Afghanistan? The US after WW II started to rule and control the Western World, as long as there was the USSR the US had an opposition. The war on Iraq has nothing to do to protect the American people: Iraq is no thread to the US at all. I know how the US works and how the US is treating Canada; I say it is a disgrace. Should the US ever require Canada’s water or natural gas and we do not give it willingly the US will march and take Canada over. Presently the US is in a very serious situation at home, no work, corruption, the health care is falling apart, and many people have no food and shelter. But most of all there are more $ in circulation as there should be. A war is the best cover-up and there is a scapegoat to blame all the ills on.

The UN must prevail so must peace. In order to settle this disaster, offer UN troops to Iraq to safeguard Iraq from the US and the Us from Iraq, let the inspectors look for what ever they like. In my opinion there is that strange word “equality for all” let all nations disarm and start with the US.

Henry W. Freitag A man who survived World War II

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Author`s name: Editorial Team