Let's rebuild the bridge

Our reader has a suggestion to Russian and American presidnets

Dear Mr. Bush and Dear Mr. Putin,

I suggest that the United States and Russia cooperate in building a railroad bridge across the Bering Strait from Wales Alaska to Uelen (Naukan) Siberia Russia and connect each other's national railroad systems. The distance through Little and Big Diomede Islands is only 47 miles. The new route would carry railroad traffic consisting of freight, containers, trucks, private autos and passengers. Standard gauge should be used.

A railroad is suggested because it would probably be the most capable design for the foul, foggy weather in the area. The roadbed would need to be engineered to work well year round across the sea, perhaps being installed directly on sea ice during winter and floating on the water during the summer. A railroad would be easier to maintain over shifting ice than a roadway would be. I suggest this connection for several reasons:

It would open up a whole new strategic trading connection. The potential for forest products, oil, and products to and from Russia, China and Japan would be awesome. There would be new opportunities for tourism and glasnost. It could become an important alternative to West Coast shipping ports. This engineering feat would give us all a new sense of accomplishment and perhaps decrease our focus on wars by giving us new reasons to cooperate with each other.

PS: Please assign your space agencies to this project. Tell them they need to learn how to do this because the same design will be needed one day on Callisto!

Sincerely Yours,

Fred Monroe USA

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