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USA sanctions Russian producers of electronic equipment

The US Department of Commerce has added more than 80 Russian companies to the sanctions list in connection with events in the Crimea and Ukraine

The list was expanded with the companies that produce electronic equipment  - Angstrom and Micron. The adequate decision was made to continue the development of sectoral sanctions against Russia, of which the US Treasury announced last week.

The list includes a total of 81 companies from Russia, the Crimea, Hong Kong and India. In connection with the latest move, eleven new companies were added on the list: Angstrem-M, Ångstrem, Angstrem-T, JSC Radioexport, the Perm Scientific-Industrial Instrument Making Company, JSC Micron, JSC Micran, NPK Granat, Technopole Company, Technopole Ltd and Giovan.

The last companies were added on the list due to their connection with the Russian defense industry. Restrictions limit the companies' exports, re-exports, and the transfer of materials and technology.


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