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Russia bans Durex condoms

Russia's Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare ordered to ban the sale of British Durex condoms in Russian pharmacies. In total, the ban has affected eleven kinds of the products of the brand.  

The report from the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor) said that the agency identified unregistered medical items on the Russian market - Durex condoms.

The registration certificate for Durex products was issued for an indefinite period of time. However, the package of supporting documents lacked data about specific types of products, which means that registration did not apply to them.

In total, the new restriction has affected eleven kinds of Durex products: Pleasuremax, Classic, Fruity Mix, Extra Safe, Elite, Long Play, XXL, Dual Extase, Sensation, Invisible and Real Feel. This is most of the range in the category which contains a total of 13 positions. In addition to condoms, Reckitt Benckiser produces gels and lubricants under the brand Durex - the lubricants will still be available in Russian pharmacies.

Britain's Reckitt Benckiser is known in Russia for its products under brand names  Durex, Calgon, Clearasil and Vanish. The company does not disclose its sales volumes on the Russian market.