Gold and uranium extraction granted to Russia in Sudan

Russia was granted rights to extract uranium in Sudan, as the Sudanese authorities claimed today morning.

The unique silvery-white metal was discovered across the country.

Given long-time economic cooperation with Russia, its "companies will be given priority". According to the director general of the Geological Research Authority in Sudan Yousif al-Samani, "Russia is working with us to create a geological map and mineral map of Sudan".

"Uranium is perhaps of higher importance than gold and other minerals and is used in critical strategic industries, especially in the midst of technical development witnessed by the world in the modern era," Samani added.

Earlier this week Russian Siberian Mining Company signed an unprecedented agreement on gold exploration with Sudanese Ministry of Minerals.

The gold reserves, which were discovered by the Russian company in the Red Sea and River Nile States amount to as much as 46,000 tons.

Minister of Minerals Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Sadiq al-Karouri stated that the agreement is the first one to provide the Sudanese government with 75% of the production, while the company will take only 25%.

The deal is considered to be the largest investment in minerals in Sudanese history.

Sudan, which currently ranks 3rd on the list of African gold producing countries, can be on its top by 2018.

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